Theme seven: arrangements for the next maternity and birth prevention

The participants mutual the arrangements from a then pregnancy. Of a lot did not wanted other pregnancy and could use the fresh new injectable birth control to end losing expecting. The following estimates echoes the brand new thoughts mutual of the adolescent mothers towards the coming preparations away from childbearing in addition to use of contraceptive:

Preference to have a keen injectable birth prevention

Extremely professionals was basically towards the much time acting injectable contraceptive that is a variety of birth control that is inserted towards the muscle tissue.

“I’m not attending enjoys various other child any time soon. I would like to make use of the 3-times injectable contraceptive” (Thobeka, 17).

“I’m not with any longer people. I am able to use the injectable contraception and you can remind my wife so you’re able to explore good condom” (Puleng, 18).

“I’m not probably have another baby right until I am financially steady. I’m already with the injectable birth-control” (Yvonne, 16).

“I’m making use of the step 3-week injectable contraceptive and i also won’t have another child in the near future. I am able to over my personal high-school education” (Thobile, 19).

Resistance to make use of contraception

Certain participants shown insufficient trust in birth prevention and so they had not chosen a birth prevention method to end other pregnancy. The participants and additionally articulated grounds as to the reasons they were reluctant to use birth control. The following rates portrays the latest resistance away from users to utilize beginning manage.

“Really don’t intend to possess some other infant. I won’t explore a lot of time pretending birth-control and/or pill since it allows you to body weight, problems your own skin and you can enables you to browse unappealing. I can utilize the early morning once tablet” (Harriet, 17).

“Other pregnancy is beyond issue! I have zero believe in contraception. I have perhaps not decided regarding the my upcoming plans out-of birth prevention” (Olwethu, 18).

“I do not want more youngsters down the road. You will find excessively obligations using my a couple of youngsters. We have” alt=”siti incontri amanti animali “> forgotten trust for the birth prevention. I do want to manage a great ligation” (Sbahle, 18).


The reason for this research was to mention and higher understand teenage mothers’ attitudes regarding sexual exposure behaviour. After the studies range and you can data, strong perception are elicited concerning sexual wellness decisions one teenage mothers took just after its very first maternity. The newest 7 main themes that can steer this new dialogue is: points you to sign up to intimate exposure behavior, living (culture) rather than sexual risk bringing, gender electricity and sex, perceptions from like and you will personal relationships, reproductive fitness attributes, protection to get rid of a perform teenage pregnancy, and you will arrangements of a then pregnancy and you may birth prevention.

The modern data found that fellow stress, alcohol and drugs, experimentation, mythology throughout the birth prevention swayed otherwise formed kids sexual exposure conduct. Additionally, the new news, worst parental supervision and energy gender fictional character, impoverishment leading to transactional intercourse, the brand new susceptability regarding girls, plus the concern with partner rejection, including led to this new risky intimate behavior off teens. The newest intimate risk behaviour out of kids try linked to environment influences. Personal agents for instance the family members, university, colleagues and social networking in the microsystem (instantaneous environment) starred a job in leading to high-risk intimate actions.

Early in the day research has indexed the fresh new feeling out of peer pressure one prompts adolescents to engage in high-risk intimate behaviour [step one, 19, 20, 46, 52]. Some of the teenage parents inside study stated that engaging into the sex came into existence the norm and you will is a ‘manner trend’. A study by the Phaswana-Mafuya ainsi que al. in addition to learned that teens and you may people seen teenage pregnancy since the normative and preferred and thus the ‘during the thing’ accomplish. Demonstrably, teens in this area was highly attending participate in risky sexual habits according to the belief one its peers are concerned inside the equivalent behaviour, which implies you to definitely teens model the fresh thoughts and you will behavior of the co-worker rather than the antique philosophy off community.

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