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About Us

More Than Fencing

Our program is based on an important idea: Athletes learn more when they’re having fun! As skill develops, confidence grows and results follow. Improved self-esteem for our athletes is our end goal after every private lesson, group class and competition.

Academic Excellence

Our students have gone on to some of the best schools in the country including NYU, Boston College, Brown, Stevens Institute of Technology, Ohio State, Sacred Heart and Penn State University. As such we encourage athletes to put school first and advise parents regarding collegiate options.

Head Coach

Mika'il Sankofa, a three-time Olympian in fencing ('84, '88, '92),Pan American Games Silver & Bronze Medalist,


Train with One of Best Fencing Coaches in the Country

Mika’il brings over thirty years of experience coaching and motivating youth, conducting demonstrations for schools and youth organizations as well as organizing camps and hosting large regional tournaments within the tri-state area. He was the NBC Olympic Fencing Analyst for the 2008 Olympic Games and has been a host and fencing analyst for various World Cup finals and domestic events throughout the country. His classes are fun, action-packed and incorporate music to create an up-tempo atmosphere that instills rhythm, various tempos and timing in students while learning the Olympic sport of fencing.

Mika'il Sankofa

Head Coach


Our Mission

To train and inspire your child to achieve excellence in fencing, academics and to have respect for others while learning that the “Challenge is in the moment and the time is always now” to excel in these areas.

Our Vision

Our academy aims to cultivate a culture of excellence and sportsmanship, where students can develop their physical and mental abilities.

Our Competitive Goals

To encourage your child to understand that becoming a competitor is a journey filled with victories and defeats. Both should be handled with class, along with an appreciation and respect of our competitors, coaches and officials.

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