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The Fencing Club Taught By An Olympian

Introduce your athlete to the exciting sport of fencing in an enjoyable, easy, and safe haven under the guidance of three-time Olympian Mika’il Sankofa

Maar soms verschijnt ongevoelige seks in het lange paar, waar blijkbaar blijkbaar in volledige veiligheid. Niet omdat ze niet van elkaar houden. En omdat vergeleken met de betere emoties die aan het begin van liefde voelden, het gevoel van tederheid en dankbaarheid niet genoeg voor ons zal kamagra kopen Seks verandert in een “verplicht” en brengt niet langer zoveel plezier. Vooral voor de bodem van de negatieve ervaring met de eerste, toen alles van aanstoot en woede ging. En daarom komen sommigen van ons vaak voort uit herinneringen: “Ze was een vreselijk persoon, maar zo’n mooie minnaar. “”

More Than Fencing

Our program is based on an important idea: children will learn more when they’re having fun

Academic Excellence

Our students have gone on to some of the best schools in the country including NYU, Boston College, Brown, Stevens Institute of Technology, Ohio State, Sacred Heart and Penn State University.
As such we encourage athletes to put school first and advise parents regarding collegiate options.

Head Coach

Mika'il Sankofa
Three-time Olympian in fencing ('84, '88, '92)
Pan American Games Silver & Bronze Medalist
First Four-Time NCAA Sabre Champion


Have your athlete taught by a three-time Olympian!

We’re beginner and parent friendly, and you’ll be taught by an Olympian who has over 30 years of coaching and competitive experience. We promise you’ll receive World Class Fencing Training Techniques at Thrust that are fun, mentally stimulating that will improve athleticism and competitiveness.
Demanding and Fast-Paced, fencing is one of the easiest sports for boys and girls to learn. Hit without being hit and you’ll come to realize its’ physical and mental benefits.


We Pride Ourselves On Making Sure Every Student Receives Personalized One-On-One Instruction

Demanding at the highest level, fencing is one of the easiest sports to learn conceptually.

“Hit without being hit,” and you’ll come to realize its physical and mental training benefits.

Sabre Fencing

The target area in Sabre is above the waist, and when two fencers' fence its called a "bout." The field of play is a fencing strip (think bowling lane) - with athletes fencing to 5, 10 or 15 points for a victory.


Competition can be both exhilarating and challenging, as it requires individuals to push themselves. We encourage it during training as we believe it fosters teamwork, creativity and promotes a healthy sense of achievement in students.

Fencing Tournaments

Respecting ones opponents and those that support you - coaches, parents, officials - is part of TFA's philosophy and is reinforced during training in preparation for competitions.

Role Model

As a parent, your primary purpose is to support and encourage your child. Parents can greatly contribute to the success experienced by their children by giving them ownership of the experience when training and competing.

Encourage Learning

It is important to let your child establish individual goals. Help your child establish and achieve those goals with the coach, but avoid imposing your own goals vs. those of the coach and athlete.

Get Invlolved

Whether you attend a practice, watch a youtube fencing video or take a lesson from coach yourself, the more you know about the sport the more you can relate to your child's experience

Head Coach

About the Founder

Mika'il Sankofa

Mika’il Sankofa is a three-time US Olympian in the sport of fencing. A US Fencing Hall of Fame Inductee in 2005, Sankofa’s other accomplishments include two individual national championships, ten-time national team champion and the first four-time NCAA champion in the sport of fencing. Sankofa started his fencing career at the age of nine under the tutelage of ’72 Olympian Tanya Adamovich. A rising national talent by age fifteen, he received a full scholarship to the New York Fencers Club where he continued his training with renowned US Olympic coach Maestro Csaba Elthes. 

A graduate of NYU with a BA in Economics, in 2006 he received his Honors Maestro’s degree from Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. From 1990-2009, Sankofa served as Co-founder, director of athletics and fencing coach for the Peter Westbrook Foundation. He ran a year-round class for over 200 hundred participants, including a number of elite-level athletes. Sankofa’s students include three NCAA champions, five national champions, six junior world team members, a Junior World Cup champion and Cadet World bronze medalist. Sankofa was the lead NBC fencing analyst for fencing at the 2008 Olympic Games and the Masters of Ceremony for the 2015 Absolute Sabre World Cup Final. Sankofa also conducts fencing clinics and camps throughout the region, and hosts the annual Winter Thrust RYC/RJCC – a regional youth and junior tournament attended by over 1800 athletes in the Tri-state area. In addition to owning and operating Thrust Fencing Academy since 2012 he also runs Thrust Athletic Foundation – who goal is to support Rockland and Westchester youth through the sport of fencing. 



3 Quick Success Tips

Fencing has grown dramatically over the years with the United States enjoying world-class results at Junior World and Senior World-Class levels. Thrust encourages participation in competitions at the club, local, regional and national level.


Get your child to the club to train regularly and ten minutes before their class starts so they are relaxed, prepared and ready.

Utilize Holidays

School obligations come first, so utilize school holidays for maximizing training opportunities with extra lessons and classes.


A consistent weekly training weekly is strongly encouraged. Establishing a regular schedule is best for enhanced learning and consistent results.


Satisfied Clients

We have inspired and influenced hundreds of student’s lives – boosting their confidence, athleticism and overall excellence in every field of life. Below is feedback from parents and students.

Coach has been instrumental in my development as an athlete and a man. He pushed me with kindness and discipline that has helped me beyond words. Thanks to him, I'm an NYU graduate and I'm now pursuing my professional dreams in the field of advertising.

Sterling Grube NYU '22

Mika’il Sankofa is a fantastic coach! Not only because of his vast knowledge and experience with fencing, but because of his ability to connect with his students of which I am one. Training with coach goes beyond fencing, as he teaches students life lessons of respect, patience and “joy in what you do” that are priceless gems.

Lauren Altman Brown University '16

Mika’il Sankofa has been instrumental in transforming my daughter into realizing her potential and giving her the confidence to meet challenges. Coach Sankofa has inspired my 9 year old daughter to focus, listen, think, and most of all have fun and enjoy Fencing so much she wrote about it in her school newspaper – Sabre is My Weapon.” Given Mr. Sankofa’s Fencing accomplishments and patience with young upstarts – As a Coach just as he was a Fencer, he is an inspiration to students and parents alike.

George Fay Parent

We’ve been with Thrust Fencing since the beginning of the year, and I’ve already seen tremendous growth in my 11 year old son both physically and personally! Coach Mika’il not only focuses on challenging him to mold him into a great athlete, but has also committed his time and attention to groom his character as well. His amazing patience, professionalism and genuine interest in the kids will keep us with Thrust Fencing for years to come! I HIGHLY recommend this fencing club for young fencers, any level, you won’t be disappointed!!

Kadian Martin Parent

Thrust Fencing Academy has done wonders for my son! Mika'il is awesome! He took a somewhat shy kid and helped him break out of his shell and gain confidence. Through discipline, learning technique, and building skills, Mika'il always keeps the kids moving and interested. My son loves fencing. He's always excited when he goes to class. And that's thanks to the amazing coaching/teaching from Mika'il.

Jim Feldman Parent

Coach Mika'il Sankofa is a talented coach and an awesome mentor to my 12 year-old daughter who has been fencing with Thrust Academy for a year and a half. Mika'il does a tremendous job building a team-like atmosphere where both girls and boys belong, and where proficient fencers help novice fencers improve.

Ann Jansen Parent

Though new to this sport, we think Thrust is a great find...and a great fit for my son. In taking fencing lessons with Thrust my son has found a sport that is disciplined, yet fun, challenging and -- at the end of the day -- satisfying. Coach does an excellent job balancing the team and individual aspects of the sport. The learning is both experiential and observational. You learn by doing, but also by watching others and taking mental note.

Lesley Pela-Woo Parent

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