Into the Scrambled Egg Arc, she takes into account the girl reference to your as compared to household members alternatively than just lovers

Maruo Nakano ‘s the adoptive father off Itsuki and her siblings. He refers to Itsuki because the some body obedient and you will practical. [2] Maruo Nakano The guy also connectivity Fuutarou through Itsuki. [3] [4]

Mom Nakano died towards August fourteen, and you may Itsuki check outs the lady grave each month. [5] Nino said Itsuki can it because the she is persistent, but Fuutarou second thoughts it. [6]

Fuutarou Uesugi

Early on, Itsuki got a disagreement with Fuutarou, best the woman so you can reject your since the sisters’ tutor early on. Regardless of this, she grabbed him home immediately after their disastrous basic meeting with the fresh siblings and you will begrudgingly advised him to try once more immediately after having food on Uesugi relatives. She refused to think about the two of her or him as the not complete strangers to start with, partly because of Fuutarou’s common thinking. Because of Fuutarou’s uniform operate, Itsuki began to see the changes on her together with sisters. [22] Immediately after having a number of objections which have Fuutarou, she really wants to apologize however, feels too shameful to accomplish this until getting advised from the Ichika the truth is having herself and you may how come they dispute is due to just how similarly stubborn it was. She and you will Fuutarou develop for each other people’s profile, as they each other defeat its stubbornness. [23] [24]

Itsuki usually is certainly one who compares this lady father so you can Fuutarou considering the terms and conditions out of this lady mommy exactly who says to getting mindful when deciding on guys. [25] Even after their 1st stress, Itsuki is actually interrupted because of the standing placed on Fuutarou by the girl dad, and also at very first refused to disclose the woman earliest shot results, knowing that Fuutarou is fired. She held reservations to the Fuutarou for his character just like the a teacher and as a possible romantic interest into siblings before the institution trip and wished to make use of the visit to confirm their character. From inside the travel and you can immediately following searching for their created notes out-of tales to tell Raiha when he extends back family, she understands that she don’t know Fuutarou at all and says to an unconscious Fuutarou out-of this lady need to find out more about your. Whenever Fuutarou is hospitalized following trip, she check outs Fuutarou to accomplish that, and spontaneously asks on their motivation to own studying. When Fuutarou accepted that it, she is actually thrilled and you can easily went for the mixed shower he was a student in to join your, ahead of becoming embarrassed. At some point, it’s implied she e group just like the Nino and Ichika, wanting to walk-around and you can explore that have him by yourself. [26]

She knows alot more out of Fuutarou than the woman siblings, knowing their family’s financial situation and is the first one to he announced section of his past to. When Itsuki possess an effective fall-out that have Nino on account of Nino rejecting Fuutarou’s operate, she stays in the Fuutarou’s flat due to this lady siblings unsure where it is and she had nowhere else going. [27] [28]

Itsuki claims it is strange on her behalf in order to heat up to help you individuals such as for example Fuutarou. [29] She often notices when he acts unusual, for example asking new siblings to make use of an identical hair style and you will understood he had been carrying out one to just like the woman he had met are among them, or as he is acting distant following the their reinstatement as the sisters’ tutor pursuing the mock examination. She was thrilled because of the news and you may is annoyed by Fuutarou’s lack of reaction, being unsure of which he got simply been reminded of the the girl dad to do something safely into the siblings. She thought one something is harassing him and you can are eager to understand it.

Raiha Uesugi

Itsuki develops an affection toward Raiha because of her cuteness and you will partially after training Uesugi family’s factors. Initial, Itsuki only exchanged the girl contact details which have Fuutarou in return for Raiha’s. The two would even go out collectively into the college or university getaways. It’s required she contacted Raiha pursuing the their come out having Nino to stay over at the newest Uesugi quarters for some time.

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