The Short variation: whether or not they’re generating modern model of an already-cool product or coming up with next big part of technology, singles in Silicon Valley often leads hectic everyday lives — which means that dating often gets put-on the backburner. Since 2003, Linx Dating and its creator Amy Andersen are addressing the needs of these active, relationship-minded experts with a curated, personalized, and intuition-based matchmaking program.


From Google to Apple to Lyft to Github, Silicon Valley is acknowledged for its juggernaut tech businesses and revolutionary start-ups, so much so that there surely is even a popular television show named after it. Silicon Valley is also noted for the passionate, hardworking, imaginative, and dedicated those who just work at these lenders — all of which lends really to a successful profession however necessarily a successful dating life.

“A lot of these people are very concentrated the help of its careers that certain time they awake and think ‘Oh my gosh, I want to discover my match. Best ways to start carrying out that?'” stated local matchmaker Amy Andersen. Linx Dating is the way they begin undertaking that.

Launched by Amy in 2003, Linx, for quick, is actually a curated matchmaking solution for many busy, high-profile single experts in Silicon Valley and surrounding Bay region (and world-wide) who’ven’t had the oppertunity to get the commitment they want. Today, the company is recognized as “Silicon Valley’s Matchmaker” and Amy their “Cupid.”

Amy not too long ago informed all of us regarding the “aha minute” that started almost everything, her client-to-client vetting process, the algorithm-less, intuition-based matchmaking, and also the personal relationships she develops aided by the people she helps.

Connecting the space Between Single Men in Silicon Valley & Single feamales in San Francisco

The motivation for Linx came in 2000 while Amy ended up being working in private client services at a technology company in San Francisco but residing Silicon Valley. Whether or not it was at work, through friends, or perhaps out and about, Amy usually found men and women who were educated, effective, appealing, and well-rounded, nonetheless were unmarried and don’t understand exactly why.

Understanding both areas really well, Amy pinpointed the challenge: there had been a lot more offered men in Silicon Valley than San Fran and available ladies in San Fran than Silicon Valley. Along with their family, friends, and careers in their unique particular towns and cities, deciding to make the 50-minute automobile day at fulfill special someone was not the leader in their brains, Amy described.

“which was my personal ‘aha minute’ in which I was thinking ‘imagine if we had been to bridge this difference and develop these options of these great ladies in bay area and these great males in Silicon Valley?'” she said.

Amy after that invested next three years performing just as much research as she could, utilizing her business-oriented brain to obtain a better notion of the market industry and interest in this particular matchmaking company. In 2003, when she had all her ducks consecutively, she give up the girl work at Merrill Lynch, launched the organization, and never appeared straight back.

“Starting Linx might one of the better decisions of my life,” she said. “assisting these introductions and providing as a conduit between both of these class has proven to operate really well over the last 12+ decades that I’ve been achieving this.”

From Application to Even the Wedding, Amy can there be Every Step

Amy requires a tremendously practical strategy with her customers from starting to stop, getting to know each individual independently, utilizing their own certain wishes and needs throughout matchmaking, and providing her professional advice all along the way.

A One-on-One, complete Vetting Process Ensures High-Caliber Clientele

At Linx, almost everything begins with the grade of the customers. While additional matchmaking agencies might take whoever is applicable, Linx provides an extensive referral-based vetting program that produces their unique customers stand out from the rest. Every aspiring user need to be advised by an old or recent user, a friend or contact of Amy’s, or perhaps the want.

Amy receives a large number of referrals daily and displays each prospect herself. And if they’re 22 or 72, Asian or Latino, solicitors or artists, Amy is looking for folks who are smart, healthier, relationship-minded, accomplished, bold, and leading interesting lives in general.

“so long as somebody is passionate about their unique profession, that is what i am trying to find. Beyond that, i am selecting individuals who are well-rounded. Should it be volunteering or cooking or whatever really, i recently need to see they have a colorful, interesting existence,” she stated. “if someone else says for me ‘All I do is actually work’, i am perhaps not browsing should assist all of them. Not merely would they not have stability inside their physical lives, but in my experience that’s also indicative that they don’t possess time for a relationship.”

Following the first screening, Amy creates a private meet-and-greet, which she stated is the most essential part of becoming a customer. That’s where Amy reaches understand person, notice their particular private tale, and then determine whatever they’re looking for in somebody (and what they’re maybe not in search of).

Above all, Amy is deciding if the woman company is the proper complement both sides. Whether some body isn’t 100% over their particular ex or have an arduous stage of the life, her impulse can tell if the timing is actually off.

“The meet-and-greet is a vital session for me but way more for that possibility to have an excellent browse of what Linx is all about,” she said. “People get the responses they are in search of from meet-and-greet, and that is important because anybody which goes down that highway being litigant, i wish to be certain that they think willing to accept this method.”

If the meet-and-greet goes well, they will return for a follow-up meeting with Amy before you choose the account which is good for them and receiving started throughout the matchmaking. Even though it looks like a long procedure, Amy mentioned its essential because she wants every user as pleased with Linx and vice versa.

Matchmaking that mixes the consumer’s desires & Amy’s Intuition

Besides evaluating every prospect, Amy is also truly the only person at Linx would you the matchmaking, outsourcing her concierge services to experts like expert wardrobe stylists, makeup products musicians and artists, and psychologists.

“this can be a very small, boutique, market matchmaking company when compared with most organizations that have huge employees and limbs all over the world and so on, very Linx is super personalized due to that,” she said.

The woman unique matchmaking system brings together the granular metrics of just what individual desires in a date (their particular recommended top, age, earnings, etc. as well as their deal-breakers) and Amy’s all-natural ability and intuition for understanding when two different people belong collectively.

“nowadays, with regards to whenever I come up with a match, about 75percent if it’s produced by abdomen, that instinct that says ‘Oh my goodness, i do believe i may be on to anything right here,'” Amy said.

Centered on those aspects, Amy will then take control, scouring the woman database of qualified singles until she locates the most wonderful match per customer.

Using the internet Pre-Introductions Get Singles Excited About Their particular Match

Once Amy has actually her ideal pairing, she’s going to e-mail both people a “baby bio” of each various other, providing them with a snapshot of other peoples personality, hobbies, appearance, and obtaining all of them worked up about just how fantastic they’d end up being collectively.

“i’d like my personal customers from the edge of their own seats, jaws to your surface, like ‘OMG this person sounds phenomenal,'” she said.

They will then will ask Amy questions about their unique match and make an effort they want to opt for by themselves should they think its correct. During this time, Amy in addition makes sure the customers do not know each other, whether through work or social circles and even previous online dating adventures, therefore we have all a clear slate.

“I have found there may be cross-pollination using my customers where they will have for some reason have satisfied. I wish to prevent a scenario in which they’ve already fulfilled or they’ve glanced at each and every other peoples on the web pages there was actually reasons they thought we would leave that opportunity,” she mentioned.

The full time from Amy’s preliminary mail towards the set agreeing to meet will take 72 many hours, and at that time Amy will be sending all of them a one-page, custom bio with further delicious details, including their basic brands. Amy said she excludes finally labels until the very first date to enable them to prevent Googling both, getting into their minds, and destroying the secret.

And with Amy getting traditional, she necessitates the man to phone the woman (no texting or emailing!) within 5 days to create a fantastic time in which the guy addresses this lady.

Going Beyond a Matchmaker being a Liaison, Confidant, buddy & Adviser

When Amy helps make a match, she does not only deliver all of them off on the very first date with a “all the best!” She supplies pre-date mentoring that leaves the woman customers comfortable and will teach them tips decrease their particular busy everyday lives down (at the least for one evening) She said this can be especially important in Silicon Valley, where everyone is working 24/7 and always have so many feelings running through their particular brains.

“I want you to forget about every thing near you, every one of the interruptions in daily life,” Amy said. “i would like you to definitely carefully prepare for the big date since these matches really count. A whole lot is actually operating on them mentally and financially, thus I wish individuals watch those vital details please remember how important those basic impressions tend to be.”

“Amy has surpassed every hope and I would strongly recommend Linx. I’ve because came across the guy which i’d not have came across otherwise. We’re using situations sluggish and seeing just what future retains.” — A Linx Affiliate

Also because every member signs a two-year contract (that can easily be suspended whenever you want should they meet that special someone), Amy turns out to be in the same way spent because they are contained in this trip and it is able to create a connection beyond a professional one. She even gets wedding invites and images of infants who have been born from previous users.

“that is mostly precisely why I do this — it’s very enjoyable,” she mentioned. “much beyond my task of being a matchmaker, i am a liaison, confidant, friend, and agent.”

Last Thoughts

Thanks to Amy’s commitment, ingenuity, and love for the woman customers, Linx is actually looking after an under-served singles market during the internet dating industry, and she actually is recently scraped the surface about what she will give the Silicon Valley area plus the globe. We are definitely anticipating just what arrives next.

“I’ve worked really hard to create outstanding reputation in this area, but i’m like I have a lot more unearthing to do to get further varied and interesting customers who I’m able to assist,” she said.

For women who would like to join Linx Dating, click here. For men contemplating signing up, click here. You’ll be able to follow Linx and Amy on Twitter: @linxdating.