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"Fencing for the People" in Beautiful Nyack, New York

Birthday Parties


THRUST Fencing Academy is famous for its fun-filled Birthday Parties. Our energetic staff and facility will make every birthday party a memorable experience.

We provide:

  • One hour of FENCING birthday party activities in our 6000 sq ft fencing gym.
  • 1/2 hour in our private party room.
  • Olympian host to assist during party and cleanup.
  • All necessary protective equipment with option for competitive or foam swords.
  • Refrigerator available.

You provide:

  • Paper goods and utensils
  • Cake and candles
  • Food and beverages
  • Any additional decorations

Children start the party with an exciting warmup and move on to a fun hit the dummy, footwork and bouting. No experience is necessary, all levels have a great time.

After an hour of action packed activities, children then spend half hour in our festive party room. Party Packages

$350 for first 10 children (including birthday child)

$400 for 15 – 18 children

Please call at least 7 days prior to your party to confirm the number of children. This confirmed number will determine the minimum cost of the party.

Any person on the floor, 18 years old or younger are considered participants and are counted in the total. If you choose not to include any person 18 and under as party participants, it is the parent’s responsibility to ask them to leave the gym floor. We can accommodate a maximum of 26 children.

Available Days and Times for Parties:

Saturdays: 5:00 – 7:30
Sundays: 1:00 – 6:30

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a specific party date and time.

Party times fill up quickly so please book your party early.


First Lesson/Group Class - FREE!

Always wanted to try Fencing but never knew where to go?
The Academy holds classes for students from 5-Adult.
Call 917 371 5603 for a Free private lesson and Group Class with Olympian Mika'il Sankofa.
No time to call? Drop us an email at thrustfencingacademy1@gmail.com
All necessary equipment will be provided.
Engarde - Touche' - Thrust!

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Global Fencing News

River Fencing
Tuesday, August 31, 2014
River Fencing submitted by TheFencingCoach
[link] [10 comments]
Weekly (?) Attack.gif
Tuesday, August 31, 2014

At least, we'll see how many weeks I can keep people interested or keep this up.


The call is Attack Right.

This is good example of a situation where both fencers are looking for the blade back and forth, and in the end, they both look for the blade and one fencer wants beat attack and the other wants parry-riposte.

Before or after the rule specifying that beats low on the guard should be counted as parries for the opponent, this action should still be called Attack Right. But this isn't entirely about where the blades meet.

What's important is that FotR initiates the action on the blade. He takes the blade before he begins his attack and event though FotL's action is pretty flashy with the big flick over the back -- it's still a counter-attack made into FotR's attack.

Let me know what you think, either about this call, the level of difficulty, or these threads in general.

submitted by toolofthedevil
[link] [50 comments]
Easing back into fencing
Tuesday, August 31, 2014

Earlier in the year, I sustained a shoulder injury that needed surgery, putting me out of fencing for these past 8 months. I just got the official clearance for practice, but I'm not allowed to compete yet. Does anyone have advice on exercises or drills I can do to start shaking the rust off?

submitted by EchoMyGecko
[link] [3 comments]
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